We run Sweden’s oldest coin auction business and through our connection to the expertise of the Swedish Numismatic Association, no other operator can boast such a wealth of expertise and experience as we do.


  • When you come to the auction, you will find our airy and bright premises. You then sit comfortably with a relief table in front of you. Refreshments are available during the auctions. Of course we offer coffee, tea and there is always cold water available.
  • When you buy the auction catalog, you get a first class publication that guides you in your decisions. On our website there is also a free PDF catalog to download, as well as high-resolution images of all objects
  • We take great care in the cataloguing, something that benefits both sellers and buyers. Since all objects are submitted to us for sale, we also have no personal interests in the auction material.
  • You can usually bid either physically in the hall, in writing by letter, live via Internet or through Numisbids.com
  • You can choose between paying easily with cash or bank card immediately after the auction or as an absentee bidder against an invoice.

Good business ethics

  • Of course, we comply with the Swedish Numismatic Society’s counterfeiting policy.


We are a serious performer that places great value on offering you as a customer good service and great flexibility. We have a large and well-targeted customer register with capital strong buyers both in Sweden and abroad. When you sell through us, we offer many advantages, apart from those that are also obvious in order to get satisfied buyers.


  • We give your objects a careful presentation.
  • All single objects are mapped in the catalogue.
  • Almost all objects are illustrated with photos in high resolution on Numisbids.com.
  • The catalogue is also available as a PDF for downloading on our website.
  • The printed auction catalogue is first class and has lasting value.e.
  • Our auctions are exposed at the well-known and worldwide coin auction site Numisbids.com. This is done with the same care as in the printed auction catalogue.


  • We have very favorable commissions – they stand to be compared.
  • We can perform fast, secure and clear accounting of the sales proceeds.
  • With at least two quality auctions and several internet auctions per year, you are always close to a sale.
  • Since we have offices both in Stockholm and in southern Sweden and are often on the move, it is easy for us to visit you who have objects to leave for sale.
  • We have a very close collaboration with the Swedish Numismatic Association and annually contribute financially to the activities of the association and its members