About Myntauktioner i Sverige AB

Myntauktioner i Sverige AB was founded in spring 2009, and has a very close cooperation with the Swedish Numismatic Association (SNF).

The joint stock company holds at least two international quality auctions annually and recurring internet auctions throughout the year. Part of the company’s surplus goes to the Swedish Numismatic Association, which among other things uses this for scientific activities, publication of numismatic literature and other things that promote the development of numismatics.

The Swedish Numismatic Society has arranged coin auctions for 80 years, a tradition that is now being continued by Myntauktioner i Sverige AB. Through our close cooperation with the association, we have access to a great deal of numismatic expertise, which forms a good basis for the continuation of our activities.

Both buyers and sellers at Myntauktioner i Sverige AB contribute to numismatic research in Sweden through the cooperation with the Swedish Numismatic Association and at the same time have access to a professional auction service.

The CEO of the company is Dan Carlberg, who is its representative and manages the day-to-day operations together with an assistant and an accountant. At the auctions, or when otherwise required, the staff is augmented by display staff or numismatic specialists.

The Board of Directors of Myntauktioner i Sverige AB consists of Per-Erik Andersson (Chairman), Dan Carlberg, Magnus Wijk, Bernt Thelin and Anders Nordin.